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Monday, November 15, 2010

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Health Creation: The Beginning

Let's face it!  Our bodies are in a state of entropy; that is, the tendency for our body systems to degenerate. Unfortunately this process begins long before there are signs or symptoms of disease. An example of this is diabetes. When we ingest a sugar load, let's say a donut, the pancreas produces insulin to keep our blood sugar normal.   Pancreas cells strain to keep up and eventually "burn" out. By the time diabetes is diagnosed, fifty percent of the pancreas is damaged. The pancreas has been fighting a losing battle for five years before blood sugar elevations are detected in the blood. Creating optimal health is achieved by counteracting degenerative forces before the onset of sickness. The goal is to adopt healthy habits so we can achieve a full life that is healthy and happy.

In practice for many years, I have become keenly aware of poor outcomes and unintended consequences in spite of our best efforts. One of the most common statement in the ICU is, "I should have taken better care of myself". Our healthcare system takes a reactive  rather than proaactive approach. It encourages pills and procedures to treat disease while it undervalues efforts at prevention .  Ask yourself this....who wins and who loses when you take care of yourself.  Do drug companies really want you to control you blood pressure and cholesterol with diet and exercise? Don't get me wrong. Medications can save your life. But sometimes side effects are worse that the disease you treat.  Having a healthy body means developing habits that will prevent or delay the onset of disease.

Many patients who undergo weight loss surgery, eventually gain weight back.  In those cases, surgery failed to remove the main culprit.  The fundamental problem is not obesity.  It is the compulsive behavior that caused the patient to eat way more calories than necessary.  Therefore, any remedy that does change  fundamental destructive behavior will not succeed.
The purpose of this blog is to present tools that will help us develop good habits that will keep us healthy.  I will share insights from Dr. Anderson's "Habits of Health ", and others who can lead you on this journey to optimal health.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lets keep it simple

Over the years there have been many diets and programs to promote health. What is common to successful programs is they keep things simple. Complex goals are broken down into the most basic tasks. Mark Twain once asked "How do you eat an elephant"? After a pause he answered, "One bite at a time".
Bad habits have been learned over a long period of time. A bad habit is a "rut" in our brain that unconsciously and repeatedly causes us to make the wrong choice.  In order to correct this we have to take baby steps over a period of time to get back on the right track. Its not unusual to fall back on occasion. We will expect it to happen and plan counter-measures  As long as we have a forward momentum we will succeed.

In the next series of posts I will introduce some simple changes we can make in our daily routine that will make us feel better. The healthy choice will be the easier one to make.